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Universal Forum of Cultures Barcelona 2004

Us Foundation is proud to continue our support on the next Universal Forum of Cultures which will be in 2007 in Monterrey Mexico. Monterrey Forum will be carried out according to the UN’s eight millennium development goals for 2015: eradication of extreme poverty and hunger; universal primary education; promotion of gender equality; reduction of infant mortality; improvement of maternal health; fighting HIV/AIDS, malaria and other illnesses; ensuring environmental sustainability and supporting a world-wide association for development.


The concepts under development for Monterrey Forum 2007 are: the age of knowledge and peace, the industrial revolution and ecology, progress and fair distribution of knowledge, technological sub-development, cloning and human dignity, etc. http://www.barcelona2004.org/eng/monterrey/


The governor of Nuevo León, Mexico, of which Monterrey is the capital city, said during the official presentation of Forum 2007 to civil society in Monterrey: "Our state no longer conceives of economic growth without also including cultural aspects."


Monterrey Forum 2007 will take place from mid September till mid December 2007. In the 90 days Monterrey 2007 will last, 12 to 15 international congresses; roughly 8 to 10 international music, film, TV and performance events; and 8 to 10 exhibitions will be held. The official languages of the Universal Forum of Cultures 2007 will be Spanish, French, English, Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese.




Us Foundation will be co-sponsoring the LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD ESSAY CONTEST annually from 2005 till Monterrey Forum 2007.


Please look for the details on this page of the 2nd Annual “Let Your Voice be Heard” essay contest. Grand prizes will be trips to Forum Monterrey 2007 in Monterrey Mexico!


One of the exciting things that Us Foundation co-sponsored with the Barcelona Forum 2004 (see below for Forum details) was the first annual “Let Your Voice Be Heard” essay contest. The essay contest was open to all high school, college and graduate students in the United States and Canada. Students were encouraged to write an essay on one of the following themes…


 • Women in the 21st Century

 • Minority Voices in the World

 • My Role in Creating a Sustainable World

 • A Vision of Peace and Freedom for All

 • How I Would Change the World


There were many wonderful entries, the decision was difficult, and we are pleased to announce Meghan Phillips of Comox, British Columbia, Canada as this year’s winner. Her entry was entitled, “How I Would Change the World.”


Meghan won a trip to Barcelona Spain and free passes to the Barcelona Forum 2004. Only 16 years of age, Meghan traveled with her mom and sister to Barcelona, Spain to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.


Runner-up winners, of which their were fifty, were awarded prizes consisting of one copy each of the books, You Can Change the World by Ervin Laszlo, and How to Use What You’ve Got to Get What You Want, by Marilyn Tam. Congratulations to all the essayists, whose inspiring pieces are published here. Meghan’s Winning Essay All the Winning Essays Press Releases on the Essay Contest


If these essays by our youth are an indication, the world will be in capable hands when it is their time to lead.


 • Meghan’s Winning Essay

 • All the Winning Essays

 • Press Releases on the Essay Contest