5 Ways to Contribute to
Harmony and World Peace


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  1. Dedicate time each day to meditate, pray and focus on world peace.
  2. Support groups and organizations that contribute to peace and harmony with your time, energy and/or money: Us Foundation, Airline Ambassadors, Sathira-Dhammasathan, Model United Nations, domestic violence and homeless shelters, children and youth organizations, environmental organizations, Sierra Club, churches and temples, etc.
  3. Devote time regularly to dialogue with others on how we can ease conflict in ourselves, our relationships and in the greater community and the world. Commit yourself to creating peace at all those levels.
  4. Become aware of our cultural perspectives which accentuate the differences between people, then allow yourself to see beyond the surface to others' inner selves and the similarity that we have in common. Act and respond to others from that place of compassion and understanding.
  5. Review on a regular basis all your relationships, personal and professional, and resolve any conflict or disconnection and cultivate mutual respect and understanding in all interactions.
  6. Review our Projects page and contribute your time and resources to the project(s) that call to you. Please join us in making a positive difference in the world by supporting our work in creating more unity and harmony on the planet.

Special Response to the September 11, 2001 Events

Special Response for Huricane Katrina Relief 2005

Update on Us Foundation's Partnership with Airline Ambassadors and Humanity in Unity for Hurricane Relief Efforts

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